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Get Trained To Be
Home Health Care

One Stop Academy is ready to provide high quality education to anyone

looking for a career in the Health Care industry in the State of New York.

It is never too late to get started!

Student Rights

As a student, you have certain rights that ensure your educational experience is fair and fulfilling. These rights encompass various aspects, including filing complaints, understanding tuition refund policies, and more.

Our Programs

Personal Care Aide

Personal Care Aide

ESL Classes

Learning English as

a Second Language


ESL Classes

Explore our ESL classes with five levels designed to match your language proficiency.

Low Beginner

IEP101: Low Beginning

High Beginner

IEP201 High Beginning


Upper Intermediate


IEP301 Intermediate

IEP401: Upper-Intermediate

IEP501 Advanced

Spring Registration Is Now Open!



One Stop Academy will strive to provide high quality education to those who are looking to be Health Care professional.

One Stop Academy is fully licensed by the New York State Department of Education to provide training courses in the following disciplines:

  • Personal Care Aide 

  • ESL Classes

Upcoming Course Schedule

April Schedule

  • Personal Care Aide :

    • TBD

  • ESL Classes :

    • TBD

May Schedule

  • Personal Care Aide :

    • TBD
  • ESL Classes :

    • TBD

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